Holistic Wellness Care - Holographic Quantum Transformations

Self Regulation & Psychophysiological Coherence,

Neurological & Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation

​As an Environmental Resource Management Consultant and a Doctoral Phd. candidate in Natural Medicine, with national board certification in the US, I specialize in interdisciplinary research, integrative health care, sustainable green development & holographic quantum transformations:

  • Helping clients resolve energetic boundary ruptures: the successful integration of heart-brain field interference patterns with the internal and external environment while expanding the nervous system, to harmonize and enhance spiritual, mental, vital and emotional health in the form of increasing:
  1. psycho-physiological COHERENCE & RESILIENCE and a sense of wholeness,
  2. nervous system SELF - REGULATION and corresponding physiological function 
  3. cellular LIGHT & telomeres enzyme production to ensure longevity, joy, ease and an optimum thriving state of health.
  • Managing the energy dynamics of  higher states of consciousness &  MEDITATION - the foundation of daily practice of presence and attunment in the field - inspiring resonant realities.
  • DANCE, YOGA, PHYSICAL & MANUAL THERAPIES can also help re-establish healthy lymphatic flow, unwind neurofascial  and myofascial entanglements, releasing musculoskeletal contraction patterns, strengthening CNS, ANS, PNS feedback loops for improved ROM, coordination and flow of movement.  
  1. International Trans-boundary Ecosystems & Water Quality Regulation,
  2. Leadership & Resource Management,
  3. Integrative Holistic Wellness Care ​in Self Regulating Coherent Bioregions  

Integrative Healing