Self Regulation & Psychophysiological Coherence,

Neurological Rehabilitation & Energetic Boundary Rupture Repair

When people become conscious participants in the creation of their own energy fields and more aware of the information patterns and frequencies of their holographic blueprint, they have the power to transform their mental, emotional, and physical state of health. I call this shift a “holographic quantum transformation”, a process that is essential for self-regulation and optimal energy management.

Impacts from falls, automobile accidents or medical interventions such as surgery and dental procedures can rupture energetic boundaries and alter our holographic blueprint because it is primarily an energetic phenomenon and only secondarily neurological, biochemical and physical.

The thawing of the ANS from the freeze of shock trauma and decoupling hyper-coupled states of consciousness, significantly increases coherence levels, self regulation, resilience, energy and information flow in all the meridians and energy centers of the body.  It is measurable even in limbic structures, resulting in a healthy psycho-neuro-immune response, the up-regulation of healthier genes, and the vanishing of pain and disease.

Integrative Healing

As a Doctor in Natural Medicine I hold national board certification by the World Organization of Natural Medicine, that is valid in the US and Canada and 26 other countries. I specialize in balancing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and rewiring the brain to maximize psychophysiological coherence levels and self-regulation.  

When we restore energetic boundary ruptures we titrate and discharge excess activation, while facilitating the developmental neuromuscular affective integration of that new information and energy.

​Welcome to integrative, wholistic

wellness care ! 

My philosophy and the intention of my wellness practice is to provide presence and quality care in a safe, clean and contained environment, help clients restore balance, coherence, resiliency, experience of ease, vitality and joy in life.