“Having had open heart surgery and eight other surgeries, I have recognized the trauma my body and mind have experienced. Emese is a gifted teacher and caring healthcare professional. I have received much pain relief from self regulation therapy and body work, to the point of preventing a scheduled hip replacement.” (J.E., Mill Creek)

​​​​"After my first session, I immediately knew Emese’s deep knowledge and skill set would create a lasting impact.  Emese has a profound understanding of the mind/body experience and can quickly and thoroughly uncover connections between emotional and physical trauma that several years of traditional therapy and western medicine didn’t come close to.  As a 27-year-old with IBD, years of sports injuries and deep emotional pain coupled with substance abuse; working with Emese has truly been an insightful and healing experience.  Within a few months of treatment, I can wholeheartedly say I have never felt as physically, emotionally and spirituality intact and present.  My growth can largely be attributed to my work with Emese through Self Regulation Therapy (SRT)and body work.  I cannot emphasize how important Emese’s work is and I truly hope more people will dig deep and give SRT a try.  Emese is warm, caring, intuitive and genuine.  Our sessions are always well thought out and the improvements can be backed up numerically by advanced energy output and alignment technology.   From the second I walk in the door; I immediately feel a sense of calm and care as Emese’s warm personality radiates.  We then reflect on how I have been feeling and what I would like to accomplish during our treatment.  It is important to clarify that Emese is not just a therapist.  Although she cares deeply about you and your past experiences, she can quickly tap into her diverse skill set to guide you in making connections, adjusting your perception, and giving you the proper tools to stay balanced and present when things are astray.  I can’t emphasize enough how important our work has become in my life and I look forward to staying connected with Emese for as long as she will have me!" (SG, Kirkland, WA)

"I am an ex-US military fighter pilot with a body worn down by the rigors of the mental and physical demands of flying fast and doing dangerous things. I came into the care of Emese in 2015 because of a bewildering soft tissue injury. I've stayed because Emese is so much more than a mind-body therapist.  Emese is an exceptionally qualified artisan working with the tools of science, psychology and spirituality on the leading edge of the newly emerging field of Integrative Therapy. Never, in forty years of searching in the nooks and crannies of the medical, mental health and spiritual healing technologies, have I found someone who draws from such a deep well of experience in all of the healing modalities and delivers it in such a seamless and effective way.  She is a high energy person who is extremely flexible, able to meet me where I'm at and hone in quickly on a solution to whatever I bring into a session. Emese is as intelligent and skilled with the tools of Integral work as she is compassionate. Also, she works hard at being a friend." (MB, Florida)

"Sessions with Emese have helped me after falling/hitting my head as well as addressing chronic issues from an old car accident and invasive dental work. The treatment is very specific and demonstrates Emese's high skill level and a strong intuitive awareness of what imbalances are going on. Afterward I feel more integrated and whole,  like the dots have been connected. I have been a bodyworker myself for more than 17 years, having received many modalities of massage and other body therapies.  Emese's work is truly exceptional,  transformative work."  (JP, Bothell)

"Emese is very intuitive and has a keen intellect that pushes her to stay on the cutting edge of therapy research.  She is gentle yet effective in her therapy techniques, and is an excellent therapist for anyone suffering from physical and/or emotional trauma." (CC, Lynnwood)

"Emese, my testimony is that you are awesome. When I first started going to see you I was very skeptical but as I got to know what you could do for me I began to believe in you. You have a very loving manner and most important you listen to what I say. You continually educate me and that makes me feel like I'm empowered. I have been seeing you for years and really want to thank you for everything you have done for me." (S.B. Everett, former speed skater)

"Tight muscles. Sore joints. Old body memory of surgeries, accidents, sprains and strains. I had many uncomfortable places in my body, some of which I didn't even remember or couldn't acknowledge. It was not until I met Emese and had contact with her amazing healing hands and guiding spirit that I could feel my body begin to release its lingering tightness and those painful places began to loosen, fade and ultimately heal. Now I am a regular, and my body instantly lets me know when too much time has passed between our sessions--and it's time to see her again. She truly works miracles." (CG, Seattle)


"I have to share with you my deep appreciation for helping me heal my body.  Not only did my  back feel wonderful in my 1/2 marathon yesterday, I exceeded even my own expectations.  I feel whole again physically, emotionally and mentally!  You are wonderful.  (M.J., Mill Creek, WA)

"Emese, it was by sheer fate that you came into my life with your gift of healing. After being in a car accident in 2010, I suffered from pain in my neck,back and entire hip area. Before the accident, I was working out at the gym three times a week for two hours. After the accident, walking, sitting and everyday chores were unbearable. I proceeded to go through Chiropractic care, Sports medicine, Physical therapy, Tradition message, see a Neurologists for back facet blocks, Rheumatologist for scan's and more facet blocks and a Psychiatrist for pain and PTSD. This was very costly and to no avail, I was not getting better. Your knowledge of the nervous system and mind body connection has put me in a place of growing peace. You teaching me how to Self Regulate has allowed me to even start exercising again! Your use of Neurofascial release has been significant along with teaching me the flow of breathing and calming my pain and anxiety down. I don't have to take half the medication I was using for anxiety and PTSD due to the accident and several traumatic incidences that have occurred during these past four years. I am not having to continually go for visits to my Primary Care Physician for issues due to the trauma because of your knowledge and understanding of what is really going on. Your kind, gentle, healing hands and words have changed my life. Everyone has noticed a significant change for the better in me both mentally and physically as a result of being treated by your methods of healing one's self. I feel empowered while going through this amazing process of healing with significantly less cost than all of the other methods that I have gone through without any results. I continue to feel the progress of healing each time I see you. I know when I start to feel that I need to see you, my mind and body are still in the healing process. Emese, you have been the most significant person with amazing skills who was able to and continue to heal me and help me grow. (MS from Bothell). 

"Very warm, inquisitive, listening, patient, good understanding of the nature of pain and tension. The wisdom of the therapist about emotional related to physical and how to treat that during massage through movement. It was exactly what I needed." (J.W., from Seattle)

"Very calm, soothing voice, also very informative and gave me tools to ease tension and pressure points.  Different approach to different areas of my body.  Focused on areas I asked and focused on those areas to relieve pain and tension.  Very result oriented.  She was wonderful ! "(T.B., from San Francisco)"

​"Emese was very thorough. She was able to help me understand what was causing my pain and then apply the correct technique to help relieve my symptoms." (T.D. from Seattle)

"What I appreciated the most about the session with Emese was the specific work done to relieve tension in my arm and elbow.  I felt very safe and after the treatment I enjoyed the freedom from pain due to my injury." (A. F. from Seattle)

"She did a wonderful job of addressing my neck pain issues and gave me significant relief.  That true relief was achieved." (R.P. from Seattle)

"Complete relief from lower back pain.  The practitioner was very informative, explained steps very thoroughly." (L.F. from Seattle)

"What I appreciated about the session was that she talked me through what she was doing (quietly) and gave some homework I could do to help myself" (E.S. from Seattle)

​"I appreciated the education, how much Emese explained to me about my body, what she was doing during the massage, and how very safe she made me feel." (A.T. from Seattle)

​"On the fourth of July I had to fly from Bozeman, MT to Denver for emergency eye surgery. The retina in my left eye had detached and the eye was going blind. After two and a half hours of surgery under general anesthesia, I had to lye down in a particular way on my left side for five days and nights to give the retina a chance to reattach. After a few days my left side was in so much pain that I felt desperate. That is when I was privileged to receive a long distance session from Emese. She lovingly guided me to feel into those painful places, and how to use my heart and mind to move beyond limitation. She gently guided me to connect with much more then the physical and to my amazement I was able to stay in that position until the retina in my left eye reattached. I am grateful I am able to see and thanks to Emese's work I am seeing the world from a different perspective. Thank you Emese! " (E. S. from Bozeman)

"I only wish I approached Emese sooner.  For 2 years I managed moderate to sever pain with my work as a PE teacher that could attack the chest wall and shift to the right or left shoulder, neck and upper back. It reached to a point I had to seek for help as the pain worsened.  Emese has tremendous knowledge about the musculoskeletal system.  After one treatment I felt painless, hopeful again and now even certain that this is the right path to rehabilitate my condition.  Thank you Emese for your brightness, deep understanding in targeting the best treatment and helping me get back to myself and feel great again!" (KY, Mill Creek)