" Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) is based on the Chinese acupuncture system, uses Kirlian photography of the fingertips which indicate the health of the corresponding meridians terminating in the acupoints at each fingertip. Kirlian images are based on spark breakdown, which is very sensitive to the local properties of the vacuum.  The torsion field can be stored within the spin patterns of any substance and therefore can be carried by water or rock just as easily as by a human being.  These torsion field patterns can alter the threshold breakdown voltage of a spark, and even carry holographic information which is analyzed by the GDV.  Torsion is produced whenever photons are produced.  Since biophoton fields are coherent in the body, so is the torsion field it produces.  This means that its components have stable phase relationships, and can generate a hologram, an interference pattern, which surrounds the body.  This interference patterns extends beyond the body, and is the mechanism which energy healers use to make a connection with their clients. "

(Claude Swanson Phd,  2011. "Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness", p.220)  

Tracking psychophysiological coherence

with the EMwave Desktop Program

by the Institute of Heartmath

Since 99.999999999999% of every single atom in the human body appears to be empty space (pure potential) and only 0.000000000001% matter (Dispenza, 2012), Subtle Energy Medicine has the capacity to address some of the energetic flow issues relating to the manifestation of nervous system dysregulations and associated diseases on the physical level.  I utilize two specific modalites of energy healing:

a) Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection that I have learnt from Dr. Eric Pearl DC, and

b) Matrix Energetix taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett DC ND. 

I am very grateful to be able to have very high levels of ESP skills that help me scan the body and the field around it with my hands.  For the purpose of scientific research and energy analysis

I use the Bio-Well/GDV scan developed by  Dr. K. Korotkov, which measures biophoton emissions from living systems that allow for the illumination of the levels of energy flow in the meridians and associated organ systems, the chakra system, the bio-fields around the human body and energy in the environment.  I also measure psychophysiological coherence levels with the EMwave desktop program created by the Institute of Heartmath, during Self Regulation Therapy sessions, especially in the process of boundary scans and restoration of ruptured energetic boundaries that occur during impact and medical interventions.  

Subtle Energy Medicine &

Human Light Systems

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