​​Hydro Nano Infra Power (HNIP), Lidingo Sweden (2014 - today)

(Volunteer work)

Life Sciences Research Committee

Assistant to the CEO Sven Eric Prytz at the World Green Energy

Symposium in Washington D.C, March 2014.

Natural Systems Design, Seattle, WA (2004 – 2007) - Due to maternity leave
Preparation of Biological Evaluations and documents for the

Federal, State and Local level permitting of stream and wetland

restoration projects. 

CAICOS Corporation, WA (2002)
Environmental Planner and Permit Manager of shoreline projects; researcher on tidal energy. Planning, design, permitting, environmental assessment, preparation of biological evaluations, and coordination of professional services such as surveys, engineering, and construction 

I.R.M. Consulting, Vancouver, BC (2000)

Clean Development Mechanism Market Study for Mexico. Prepared for the CDM & JI Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa. 

The Sheltair Group Resource Consultants, Vancouver, BC (1999) (Volunteer work)
The development of a concept plan for the City of Yu’xi, Yunnan, China –
project lead by Bing Thom Architects/Revery Architecture
Responsibilities included: In July 1999 conducted background research on infrastructure planning and costing, and on the existing policy context.
Participated in the facilitation of the public involvement process and in conducting interviews with local government authorities and utilities.
Participated in the development of indicators for a proposed assessment framework; and in reporting.  

ESSA Technologies, Vancouver, BC (1998)
Library researcher on expert systems in fisheries and risk assessment 

Dovetail Consulting, Vancouver, BC (1997)
Facilitator: Howe Sound Round Table Community Workshop.
British Columbia Forest Practices Code Conference. 

Center for Technology Assessment in Baden-Wurtemberg, Stuttgart, Germany (1998)
Language editor of a book on risk perception and cognitive architecture - a project with
Prof. Ortwin Renn 

Center for European Economic Research, Mannheim, Germany (1997)
Researcher on the following projects:
Long-term Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Into the European Energy System and its Potential Economic and Environmental Impacts;
Total Costs and Benefits of Biomass in Selected Regions of the European Union (BioCost);

Dynamic Electricity-Cost Development Under Competition of Advanced Conversion Technologies. 

​Department of Commerce and Business Administration, UBC, Vancouver (1999)
Working with Prof. Dev Jennings, Head of MBA program (now professor at the University of Alberta) Researcher on Regulatory Feedback Mechanisms in Water Quality Management;
Analysis of Institutional Systems in Environmental Management and Enforcement 

Department of Economics, UBC, Vancouver (1996)
Researcher on the impact of government policies on agriculture in the Lower Fraser Basin: 1950-present, Fraser Basin Ecosystem Study. 

Institute for Resources and Environment (now IRES), UBC, Vancouver (1996)
Working with Prof. Les Lavkulich, Chairman of the Institute (now Chairman of the Soil, Water and Air Laboratory).
Researcher on the impacts of land use changes on ecosystem dynamics and health, Fraser Basin Ecosystem Study.  

Sustainable Development Research Institute, UBC, Vancouver (1995) (now part of IRES)
Working with the Director of the Institute: Prof. John Robinson (professor at IRES and the Department of Geography)

Researcher on QUEST modeling;
Workshop organizer and coordinator of "Reconciling Human Welfare and Ecological Carrying Capacity" for the development of an interdisciplinary research agenda for the University of British Columbia.

Ecodecisions Environmental Services

Clients & Projects

Scientific Publications

Dr. Emese Lindstrom-Szőcs Phd, DNM. 2020. "Holographic Quantum Transformation is Essential for Self Regulation and Energy Management", IQUIM. Doctoral dissertation in Natural Medicine 

Boyle, Lavkulich, Shreier, Kiss. "Changes in Land Cover and Subsequent Effects on Lower Fraser Basin Ecosystems from 1827-1990" in Environmental Management, 1997, Vol.21, No.2, pp. 185-196.   

Renn, Rohrmann (ed.), 2000. "Cross-Cultural Risk Perception: A Survey of Empirical Studies", Kluwer Academic Publishers: Boston, 2000. (language editor) 

Kiss, Emese 2002. "The Impact of Water Law Enforcement on Corporations: A comparison of British Columbia's Lower Fraser Basin and Washington's Puget Sound Area", Master Thesis, UBC, January, 2002. 

  • The research focused on compliance and remediation in water quality management with the application of ecological theory, complexity theory, old and new institutional theory, and communicative rationality theory. The aim of the work was threefold: 1) To compare and contrast the structural complexity of the US and Canadian environmental enforcement systems as they manifest in similar ecological systems, the Lower Fraser Basin - Puget Sound (LFB-PS) watersheds. 2) To assess the tangible and intangible costs and benefits that emerged as a result of water quality related enforcement actions during 1997-2000 for a random sample of 100 companies, representing a whole array of industrial sectors, located in these watersheds. I systematically collected primary data via confidential interviews with companies that provided for the analysis of costs and benefits, as well as for a detailed description of incidents and remedial actions that have taken place. 3) To evaluate the feedback and learning effects resulting from these incidences, by looking at firms’ perception of the regulatory system, their currently unmet needs, and recommendations for change. Opportunities for collaborative processes and industrial ecosystem design were noted. The results provided a set of general and industry-specific policy recommendations.

Dr. Imre Lazar, Emese Kiss, 2002. "Gold, Cyanide, and Fish in the River of Life and Death"
 in Just Ecological Integrity: The Ethics of Maintaining Planetary Life, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Inc.  

P. Devereaux Jennings, Paul A. Zandbergen and Martin L. Martens, "Complications in Compliance: Variation in Environmental Enforcement in British Columbia’s Lower Fraser Basin, 1985-1996", Chapter 3, Kellog School of Management, 2004. (last phase of data collection)