Optimize Immunity & Wellbeing” is a simple, enjoyable and proven system of aligning your environment to optimize your physical, mental and emotional potential.  Your environment controls up to 98% of the way in which many of your genes express themselves. This means the way in which they act physically and control virtually all aspects of your metabolism and your life.

Your enzyme processes are entirely reliant on a constant supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for them to operate. Your nervous system is strongly affected by toxins, additives and EMF/ELF. All of these factors can contribute to a breakdown in metabolic function.

The “Optimize Immunity & Wellbeing” program is designed to help identify many of the common environmental influences that could be leading to a less-than-optimum output of your genes, enzymes and metabolic function. Also, to provide you with a 90-Day Plan for dealing with these issues and optimizing yourself through dietary, nutritional and supplement programs.