Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

The region of the brain associated with the olfactory center allowing us to have an experience of smell, works closely with the limbic system concerned with our basic drives such as hunger, thirst and sex drive, and also our most subtle responses such as emotion, memory, creativity and intuition.  The olfactory region is also linked to the hypothalamus, the structure which controls the entire hormonal system by influencing the master gland - the pituitary.  This is why smells instantly influence the physical and emotional states of our being.  A healthy olfactory center can sense over 10,000 different smells.

Essential oils have different levels of measurable vibrational frequencies just like thoughts and emotions. Their purity determines the level of their resonance and the effects they create in the different systems of the human body and the environment.

In my practice, both for clients and self care I use high quality pure essential oils and oil blends by doTerra.  For more information about the essential oils that you have experienced during care please click on the link below: