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CANADIAN FOUNDATION FOR TRAUMA RESEARCH AND EDUCATION taught by Dr. Edward Josephs Ph.d. and Dr. Lynne Zettl Ph.d.

Trauma and the Triune brain series I-III in 2001, Vancouver: 

  1. The Psychophysiology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  2. Early Development & the Neurobiological Basis of Psychopathology
  3. The Psychophysiology of Addiction and Recovery​​

  • SRT practitioner foundations level I-III  2004, Vancouver
  • Practical Applications of SRT with Children in 2009, Vancouver
  • SRT practitioner training advanced level I-IV in May 2011, Vancouver
  • Post Advanced VI. Working with trauma from natural and man made disasters - March 2014 Kelowna BC.
  • Psychological Anatomy: Developmental Neuromuscular Affective Integration - Apr-May 2014, Edmonton AB

For references please contact clinical supervisor Dr. Edward Josephs,

Self Regulation Therapy

Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) - is an integrative somatic approach to diminishing excess activation in the nervous system, resolving developmental and shock trauma and eliminating symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder. ​It has its foundations in the field of neurobiology and it reflects our innate capacity to respond to novelty or threat.  SRT brings balance to the nervous system and helps individuals experience joy, closeness in relationships, vitality and resiliency in the body.  

​As an Advanced Level Practitioner, trained at the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education, I provide clinical skills for resolving:
​- high impact trauma (motor vehicle incidents, falls, whiplash syndrome, post-concussive disorder),
- medical/dental trauma (surgery, anesthesia, poisonings, hospitalizations, physical injury),
- relational trauma (rape, assault, sexual abuse, shame, dissociation),
- global activation (fetal distress and birth trauma, near drowning, electrocution, suffocation, hallucinogens, psychosis, high fevers, seizures).

- working with trauma from natural and manmade disasters (fires, severe storm events, tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, toxic contaminations, spills, gas leaks, etc.)

I offer SRT sessions individually, as well as integrate the principles and techniques into clinical therapeutic massage with great results.