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Policies & Rates

Instead of wasting my time dealing with insurance companies, who are lagging decades behind the latest developments in science and clinical practice, my goal is to provide exceptionally high quality, effective, advanced wellness care at affordable rates!  

Body work: 

$90/h,  $120/1.5h,  $160/2h

Cash Discount for full time students: 60$/h

Insurance price to cover administrative costs: $120/h

Before and after session GDV scans and Stress Test,

SRT Sessions with Psychophysiological Coherence measures

with consultation:


I am a credentialed provider with the following insurance companies and I am prepared to give you the necessary paperwork to be able to submit your own claims to get reimbursed for your sessions:

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Premera Blue Cross Network of Providers
Global Heritage Foundation Network
LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Network Providers
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases

Prior to your first session, in cases of private insurance, you need to make sure that your policy is in effect, covers Massage Therapy by a Licensed Massage Therapist, and any necessary referral or prescription from your PCP has been obtained. 

In case of an auto accident your policy must be in effect, have an open PIP claim. 

In case of L&I cases, you must have an open claim, prescription from your physician for massage therapy has been obtained, must have not received massage therapy for this claim or we have received approval from your claims manager for additional massage treatments. 

If you cannot attend your session  please call 24 hour prior to your appointment time to cancel or reschedule. Please arrive on time - if you are late, you are loosing session time.  Please pay attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness, especially if you are coming for a massage. Refrain from alcohol consumption and smoking prior to arrival. Parking available on the street.  No sexual advances will be tolerated!